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Dating single life and mate selection

Historically, many areas of academic research have been based on identifying and addressing social problems; however, a substantial amount of social research has been geared toward studying African American women who are (a) single mothers who live at or below the poverty line, (b) single mothers with little or no education, (c) single mothers who depend on welfare, and (d) single mothers who report being socially deviant (i.e., substance abusers and/or prison inmates).Overfocusing on a specific group within a race with specific variables can generate racial stereotypes.xix) used the phrase intimate marketing to refer to certain aspects of romantic relationships.More recently, Hirschman (1987) and Bernard and Adelman (1990) have looked at formal mate-selection networks (i.e., dating services, singles ads, etc.) to show how courtship can be studied as a special case of marketing and/or consumer behavior. The process by which single men and women meet and agree to marry can readily be seen as a market phenomenon in which both material and psychological benefits are exchanged in the process of forming and formalizing ongoing relationships. Schroeder (1991) ,"Two Views of Consumption in Mating and Dating", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 18, eds. Endless types of markets are available for analysis, yet few are as consequential as those that facilitate finding a lifelong partner.When examining African American women specifically, there seem to be more rapid changes occurring at the family life cycle stage of coupling and marriage when compared with the general U. Although there is a significant group of African American single fathers, there is a higher percentage of African American single mothers.Despite an exhaustive discussion focused on this population, it has not included a comprehensive examination of the diverse lifestyles of these women.

As the disciplines of marketing and consumer behavior have come to be understood as the study of exchange (Bagozzi, 1975) rather than the study of a particular business function, Kotler and Levy (1969) coined the term personal marketing and Levy and Zaltman (1975, p.He is one of the founders of the academic field known as evolutionary psychology, whose practitioners study the manner in which our present-day minds have been shaped over the long, long term by the sculpting hand of evolution.A person’s predilections for spicy food or wrestling tournaments or zaftig young ladies in shiny clothing, for example, are believed to reflect inherited mental constructs that helped our Pleistocene ancestors survive and beget. In some cultures, parents still closely supervise courtship and arrange children's marriages, but youth worldwide have increasing choices in dating and mate selection. Wallace Members of the Church are somewhat distinctive in their dating and courtship practices, but they are also influenced by broader cultural patterns.

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